Whatever your needs and your budget, Thames Solar Electric can get you going on the water using nothing but solar power. We are the only company in the UK with the experience and knowledge to produce 100% solar electric powered boats without the need for diesel.

These prices below are provided as a guide only. Lengths can of course vary but the 65' options are the most economical per square foot for our builds. 
We also offer a range of additional extras to your suit your needs and budgets. New prices reflect the increase in steel costs from May 2021.

Fully fitted

A fully fitted boat that is bespoke designed and built from start to finish. These boats include full exterior and interior paint finish, luxury kitchen, bespoke bathroom, finished flooring, heat recovery ventilation system and heating system powered by an eco log burner or pellet boiler. Turnkey projects with nothing for you to do but start the motors and go.  
65' x 12' wide beam
from £219,000
excluding VAT**

65' x 10' wide beam
from £198,000
excluding VAT
    65' narrowboat
    from £191,400
    excluding VAT
      **Under the VAT Act 1994, residential  boats under 24m (78’) in length but weighing over 15 tons, and which meet the conditions of Notice 744C, can qualify for zero rating from HMRC. Our minimum size boat which can qualify for this is 60’ x 12’6” with a depth of 4’4” (gunwale to base plate).

      Sailaway Lined

      Our Sailaway Lined option includes everything on a Basic Sailaway plus first fix electrics and first fix plumbing, lined ceiling and lined stud walls for one bedroom and one bathroom. Ready for you to finish at your leisure.
      65' x 12' wide beam
      from £103,500
      excluding VAT**
        65' x 10' wide beam
        from £92,000
        excluding VAT
          65' narrowboat
          from £89,700
          excluding VAT

            Basic Sailaway

            Our basic Sailaways include the steel shell of the boat, primed and blackened hull, our Solar Electric Propulsion System, (SEPS), triple glazed frameless windows and doors, triple (70mm) insulation on battoned walls and under a plywood subfloor. Ready for you to sail away and begin your own internal fit-out.
            65' x 12' wide beam
            from £90,000
            excluding VAT**
              65' x 10' wide beam
              from £84,000
              excluding VAT
                65' narrowboat
                from £75,600
                excluding VAT

                  Solar Electric Propulsion System only

                  Our Solar Electric Propulsion System (SEPS) packages can be supplied directly allowing you to fit your own solar powered electric boat. We also offer installation and consultancy services.
                  Narrowboat 40' - 70'
                  excluding VAT
                  • 3.6 kW solar array
                  • 48 kW battery
                  • 16kW electric motor
                  • 5 kW solar inverter
                  Wide beam 40'-70'
                  excluding VAT
                  • 6.72 kW solar array
                  • 96 kW battery
                  • 26 kW motor
                  • 10 kW solar inverter
                  Consultancy service/Installation
                  Price on request

                    Additional extras for non-fully fitted boats: 
                    Prices (excl VAT) Steel extras: 
                    Euro cruiser back with wrap around seating and Vetus hydraulic steering wheel £5,000 
                    Bow seating £500
                    Large bifold doors to bow, full width with steel reinforcement required for strength £3,000 
                    Exterior finish paint two pack epoxy spray finish (4 coats)   £9,000 widebeam/£7,000 narrowboat 
                    Bowthruster/Stern thruster £3,000 each
                    Bow seating £800 

                    Heating/ventilation extras: 
                    Underfloor heating: 
                    Wet underfloor heating system, 1 ton pea shingle thermal mass, 3 separate underfloor heating loops with no joints below floor terminating at manifold with pump and controls   £5,000 widebeam/£3,000 narrowboat 
                    Heating options: 
                    Eco log burner supplied and fitted £2,500 
                    Wood pellet boiler £3,000 
                    Heat Recovery Ventilation System: 
                    Supply and fit ducting to inlet and outlet and supply and fit Blauerberg heat recovery system £1,500 
                    Hot Water Supply and fit 25 litre under-sink electric heated cylinder £300 

                    Additional choices: 
                    500 litre buffer thermal mass storage tank £2,000 
                    LPG back up generator: 6kva for wide beams and barges £7,000 
                    Openable triple glazed windows (per pair) £700 
                    Openable window (per pair) £500 
                    Rainwater harvesting system - 2 x roof drainage holes at rear, 3 stage filtration system with roof cleaning diverter valves £2,000 
                    Supply and fit Seperatt Villa 9000 composting toilet including power supply and external vent £2,000 
                    Basic plywood front and back steps into boat (treads to be covered by client) £1,200 
                    Additonal (plastic) bed water tank (1000litre) £1,500 
                    RCD certification £2,000 
                    Additional bedroom £3,000 
                    Rope and fender pack £500